A Simple and Easy-to-Use Environment for Communications


The distribution market requires a communications system to support their processes for Supply Chain Planning (SCP) and automation functionality within an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use framework that will support a fast and targeted return on investment. Private Mobile Networks provides a simple and easy-to-use environment for communications in this sector.

Providing a single wireless communications system.

The ability to integrate the PMN with the local PBX or with local applications based on standard SIP protocols ensures data is readily available and combines effortlessly with the ease-of-contact and call distribution capabilities provided by a single wireless communications system.

Often, for SCP process automation implementations to work and be successful, the user organisation needs to find a way to quickly accept and adopt the necessary business model changes. PMN provides the communications flexibility to support rapidly changing requirements in the business.

  • Integrate with the local PBX
  • Single wireless communications system
  • Standard SIP protocols
  • Ease-of-contact and call distribution capabilities
  • Communications flexibility to support rapidly changing requirements in the business

Private Mobile Office
No Call Charges on a Private Low Power GSM Network within an Office, Campus or Site

Mobile in the Open
Mobile Coverage Anywhere

GSM in Temporary Situations
Communications Portability and Ease of Deployment