Communications to Reduce Costs and Waste


In order to remain competitive, manufacturing organisations must constantly strive to improve productivity and efficiency whilst reducing costs and waste. A greater emphasis is being placed on management to control their organisation’s assets effectively, which includes IT and telecommunications as well as employees productivity.

Applications and infrastructure to enable quality communications

Private Mobile Networks provide a flexible and easy-to-use system that reduces overheads by consolidating diverse DECT, PMR and WiFI systems into one mobile communications system.

Customer services, once seen as a necessary overhead by manufacturing organisations, is now often charged for as technical support and asset management, so customer service has become a lucrative profit centre. This means that the importance of inbound call management applications and straightforward, prompt staff contact is a key criteria. PMN can provide the applications and the infrastructure to enable quality communications, even in a challenging manufacturing environment.

  • Flexible and easy-to-use system
  • Reduce overheads by consolidating diverse DECT, PMR and WiFI systems
  • Eases staff contact for customer services inbound call management

Private Mobile Office
No Call Charges on a Private Low Power GSM Network within an Office, Campus or Site

Mobile In-Building
Quality Voice Communications for People Away from their Desks

GSM in Temporary Situations
Communications Portability and Ease of Deployment