GSM Network With or Without Connections to the Outside World


Maritime vessels today carry thousands of people already equipped with their own mobile handsets but located, for large portions of time, in geographical areas with poor or no GSM network coverage. This creates a large and captive potential market for mobile communications services.

GSM services while you cruise the world’s waterways

With Private Mobile Networks, enabling local switching of calls and providing the ability to interface back to shore-based services over IP satellite connections, ship operators or mobile operators can offer a fully-fledged roaming service to both passengers and crew.

Such a service would enable travellers to continue using their GSM services while cruising the world’s waterways.

The service could be offered to mobile phone users on a subscription basis whilst on board. Calls and text messages between crew on board are free of charge over the PMN and calls to shore can be charged to users securing a revenue stream for the shipping line.

  • Easy to install
  • Uses the passengers' and crew's existing mobile phones
  • Provide a revenue opportunity for the vessel operator
  • Calls between crew or passengers while on board are managed locally
  • Calls are made to shore through a shore-based pre-paid platform

Private Mobile Office
No Call Charges on a Private Low Power GSM Network within an Office, Campus or Site

Maritime GSM
Easy to Install and uses the Passengers' and Crews' Existing Mobile Phones