Addressing the Complex and Dynamic Communications Requirements of Defence Organisations


As the leader in deployment of private low powered GSM networks, Private Mobile Networks Ltd (PMN) is uniquely capable of addressing the complex and dynamic requirements of defence organisations in support of Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance scenarios.

Solutions that incorporate ground-breaking technologies

Contracts with U.S. Federal and Department of Defense (DoD) customer organisations have enabled PMN to develop secure products and solutions incorporating ground-breaking technologies that can be used at all levels of law enforcement. Our unique combination of private mobile networks, encrypted communications and secure handsets enables group communications without intrusion or detection.

Our low powered GSM solutions can be integrated into vehicles or portable cases to create flexible private mobile networks that allow you to set up swiftly and operate autonomously.

  • Deployed in defence contracts both in the UK and overseas
  • Ruggedized Units created for military market
  • Easy to use and low support and maintenance requirements
  • Allows groups to stay in touch over a secure and private network
  • Works on the move for use in convoys
  • Encryption options

GSM Deployment in Vehicles
Remain in Contact with your Colleagues and Operational Centres

Rapid Deployment Unit
Rugged Hard-Shell Houses All of the Components to Facilitate a Private GSM Network

Remote GSM
Extend GSM Coverage into Remote or Challenging Locations

Secure GSM
Mobile Voice and SMS Communications, as well as Data-at-Rest is Fully Protected