Provide a Mobile Service to Islands or Operation and Isolated Rural Districts


Many rural areas, particularly in developing countries, have little or no telecommunications infrastructure, cutting off whole communities from the benefits of being connected to the outside world.

Provides a mobile service to islands and isolated rural districts

The PMN solution keeps costs down by routing calls, wherever possible, within the local infrastructure, using a PSTN (Public Switched Telecommunications Network) where it exists, and only using a satellite link to connect long-distance calls.

Private Mobile Networks make it cost-effective for a mobile operator to provide a mobile service to islands, isolated rural districts or other areas that would be prohibitively expensive to cover by extending the conventional mobile network.

Telecommunications partners such as Cable and Wireless, Exponential-e and Azzurri work with us at Private Mobile Networks, employing our state-of-the-art technology to deploy GSM solutions in remote regions to establish basic communications services.

  • Working with key partners
  • Cost effective for an operator to provide a localised GSM network
  • Mobile service to islands and isolated rural districts

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