What Is PMN?

Cellular Based Communications Solutions

The Problem

Mobile phones are used by everyone in today's business world, but mobile phone calls remain expensive and the use of mobiles transfers the call's ownership from the company to the individual.

Our Solution

Our solution brings the mobile into the corporate network. When you walk into your office building you can use your mobile as an extension of your PBX - incurring no mobile call charges.

The Benefits

Save on your mobile phone call costs by adding mobiles to the company's internal voice network. Cost effective savings & enhanced performance by automatically ensuring users communicate using the appropriate network and device.


The Private Mobile Network solution provides the ability to access voice services in a corporate building using mobile handsets as an extension of choice with landline costs.

Private mobile networks allow companies to integrate cellular telephony into their enterprise PBX or IP-PBX infrastructure.

The basis of this solution is a Private Mobile eXchange (PMX) that protects the business investment in legacy 2G/2.5G/3G devices and so avoids the need to add a wireless LAN infrastructure and employ new phones having multiple wireless interfaces in order to support an integrated IP, wireless solution for employees.

When a mobile employee walks into the private mobile network range, their mobile phone becomes an extension of the company PBX, TDM or IP. This is a simple, secure process; no complicated login is needed and only registered mobile phones can access the private network. Once registered, all the functionality of IP Telephony can be employed on these devices. There is no need to invest further in wireless IP, upgrade LAN capacity or source new wireless IP handsets and PDAs to enable mobility on the network.

The architecture behind creating a private mobile network requires the replication of a cellular network and cellular exchange in software. This software-based network creates a private mobile network, where existing mobile devices function as fully featured PBX extensions and where intra-office calls will bypass the operator’s network using the company IP VPN or Intranet. Calls are transported as Voice traffic on the IP network. This means that the company’s existing IP network has the functionality of a business-wide private mobile network.