Ensuring Staff are both Kept Mobile and Stay Connected.

PMN Technology

The basis of the Private Mobile Network (PMN) solution is a Private Mobile eXchange (PMX). This software-based switch creates a PMN where existing mobile devices function as fully featured PBX extensions and where intra-office calls can bypass the mobile operator’s network using the company IP VPN or Intranet. This solution protects the business investment in legacy 2G/2.5G devices and so avoids the need to add a wireless LAN infrastructure and employ new phones having multiple wireless interfaces in order to support an integrated IP-wireless solution for employees.

The local, low-power GSM network signal is provided by one or more Pico cells (BTS), depending on the coverage area and call capacity required. Pico cells are connected to a local IP network. PMN can be deployed using a local server - the Private Mobile eXchange, or as a hosted service from an accredited service provider as a Private Mobile Extension (PME).