Telephony Applications

Applications Provide Remote Working Capabilities and Single Number Contact


PMN can utilise powerful telephony applications that overlay the PMN network and integrate with the existing PBX infrastructures.

Intelligent Office and Intelligent Connect are applications that provide remote working capabilities, such as single number contact and designated alternatives to improve contact, both on and off the PMN network.

Individual PMN users within an organisation can be grouped together to form a ‘community’ to utilise the resources of the whole and create true team working by forming wide area teams.

SMS Support

The PMX allows mobile phones registered to the private mobile network to send and receive SMS text messages.

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GPRS Support

This optional capability allows IP traffic to be exchanged between the mobile handset and the customers IP network. The PMX supports the EDGE protocol which allows for higher data transfer rates than are achieved using standard GPRS.

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Advanced Messaging Services

A corporate grade voice mailbox will extend the PMN single number capabilities with functionality such as voice-to-email delivery, message forwarding and broadcast announcements. Voicemails can be accessed on and off network or by an intuitive web interface which also allows intelligent routing management.

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Inbound Call Control

PMN supports the ability to rapidly develop and implement IVR applications that can integrate seamlessly with an existing PBX infrastructure. A well designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, as a first point of contact for an organisation, can be an important element of a corporate call handling strategy.

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Call Recording

Call Recording provides the flexibility to record calls made using a mobile phone. Recordings can be stored and recalled for reference at any time, without the need to purchase and house expensive on-site recording equipment. Use of Call Recording provides peace of mind and enhances understanding of the customer experience. Call recordings can be used to help identify staff training needs, to reduce the risk of misinterpreting information and to help resolve disputes on a fair basis.

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Video Streaming

Vemotion, another member of the TeleWare group of companies, has provided integrated video streaming to GSM handsets on our Private Mobile Networks for Wireless CCTV applications. Wireless CCTV can be used in overt and covert systems, which can be located anywhere, can be worn, carried in a case or fitted to a vehicle, making this equipment ideally suited to helping reduce crime and anti social behaviour in virtually any location.

The ability to distribute video to the mobile across a private mobile network can enhance security staff performance by raising awareness to of events as they happen at sites such as shopping centres, or situation awareness at sports events, adhoc organised events or even in areas of localised disturbance or civil unrest.

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  • Support for Advanced Voice Telephony Applications
  • SMS Support
  • GPRS Support
  • Advanced Messaging Services
  • Inbound Call Control
  • Call Recording
  • Video Streaming